The Lost Girls of Myanmar

Thousands of young women and girls are leaving rural villages in Myanmar in search of work abroad. Though some manage to earn a good living as domestic workers, many fall prey to traffickers who trap them in a cycle of debt bondage. Shot by Katie Arnold, edited by Tristan Martin.

Praying for rain in Ethiopia

For those who escaped the famines of the 1980s, the current drought in Ethiopia brings back memories of a time they hoped never to see again. Hana, who left the region as a child, lost her sister and both her parents to disease as they fled the worst-hit areas.

Now back in her ancestral home town, Hana once again facing the challenges presented by failed rains and parched farmland. With three young children to feed, she looks to God for a change in their fortune. Shot and edited by Tristan Martin.

The Forensic Architects Investigating Gaza

Drawing on hundreds of videos, photos and satellite images, a team of researchers in London have been trying to piece together the events of ‘Black Friday’, the bloodiest day of the 2014 Israel-Gaza conflict. Shot and edited by Tristan Martin.