Photo Stories

Abandoned Bristol

A little while ago I spent a day exploring a few of the numerous urban wrecks Bristol has to offer. I was surprised at how easy it was to get in, wander round and take photos undisturbed. I was also surprised to find that many of these buildings, such as the chocolate factory seen above, have been abandoned for only a few years. Time sure flies. Featured in this set are the old Parcel Force building, the Elizabeth Shaw chocolate factory, Westmoreland House and the Grosevenor Hotel.

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Dispatches from the edge of nowhere.

faye on beach

Severn Beach. A place without pretence or grandeur, but a strange and surprising beauty. A seaside town with no fish and chip shop; one of its two cafes was open, Shirley’s was closed. Tubbies (no apostrophe this time) was also closed for business. The Simpson family seemed to be ticking along ok though. Put a caravan near a wet stretch of mud and rock and the punters will come flocking. I guess.

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Stokes Croft Streetfest

Stokes Croft streetfest

Circumstances as they were, photography at St. Pauls Carnival last week was a practical impossibility. To make up for this failing I have unearthed some photos of its much younger little sister: Stokes Croft Streetfest. Characterised more by sweaty shirtless men dancing solo than heaving crowds of jerk chicken-eating revellers, it was none the less an interesting and worthy event. The promotion of Stokes Croft as a location of cultural interest is always valuable in a country otherwise obsessed with highstreet homogeneity.

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Not just another church in Clifton.

Church in Clifton

Sometimes, when you wander into an abandoned church set for conversion into student apartments, you find an eccentric group of squatters building a bicycle carousel. The history of this building – of art and squatting… and bicycles – will unfortunately be swept to the side long before any new arrivals. Here is a collection documenting the final throws of a vastly under used and quite incredible building.

See full story here.

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