El Cabanyal

A documentary that Faye Planer and I made in 2011. It tells the story of El Cabanyal, a seaside district of Valencia under threat from urban planners as Spain attempts to modernise its coastline. The film explores the Spanish idea of modernity, whilst immersing the audience in the rich architectural and social heritage of a once-proud fishing community.

Aardman at Encounters

A feature I made for Encounters Short Film Festival looking at the impact of Aardman Animations on Bristol, the UK, and the wider world. Featuring interviews with Nick Park, David Sproxton, Peter Lord, Sam Fell and Mark Cosgrove.

Interview with Andrew Feinstein on corruption in the global arms trade

In 1999 South Africa suffered a terrible blow to its fledgling democracy. In a country still reeling from the socio-economic damage inflicted by over 300 years of legalized racism, an arms deal was struck that would damage it for years to come. Andrew Feinstein was an MP at the time, and was forced out of government when he protested against the huge levels of corruption he was witnessing.

Article on Inequalities in Bristol


People come to Bristol from all over the world for many different reasons. Most reading this paper have come to Bristol in the hope of getting a good education. Some arrive here in the hope of finding a relaxed yet vibrant city in which to raise a family. Others arrive in the hope of starting new lives entirely, escaping from war or oppression elsewhere. There are many more reasons etched into the city’s past: slavery and the collapse of an empire, to name just two.

Bristol today is a product of that past, and a continuous project in attempting to come to terms with it. In 2007 the city marked the bicentenary of the Abolition of the Slave Trade Act with a series of exhibitions, educational projects and community events. And looking to the future, rather than the past, Bristol was last year named a City of Sanctuary: a place proud to offer refuge for those who are no longer safe in their own country.

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