Running from Ethiopia

Running from Ethiopia tells the story of Muaz, a student who fled Ethiopia after being detained and tortured by security forces, and Jawar, who runs a popular Oromo TV channel from exile in Minneapolis. Jawar’s channel closely followed the story of Muaz as he made the treacherous journey to Europe, only to be caught in one of the deadliest migrant shipwrecks of 2016.

Shot by Tristan Martin in Athens and Sarah Price in Minneapolis. Edited by Tristan Martin.

El Cabanyal

A documentary that Faye Planer and I made in 2011. It tells the story of El Cabanyal, a seaside district of Valencia under threat from urban planners as Spain attempts to modernise its coastline. The film explores the Spanish idea of modernity, whilst immersing the audience in the rich architectural and social heritage of a once-proud fishing community.

Champagne Capitalist

A collaboration between myself and Faye Planer, this short film tells the story of a young girl determined to make the most of an otherwise boring dinner party. Many thanks to everyone who came together to help us make the film.